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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Getting Fit and healthy!

So about 2 months ago I decided to make a change in my life. I was unhappy with my weight and my body! I was so tired of being asked when I was due! Also I just was feeling like I had been in a funk and I just could not get out of it. So I contacted a friend of mine who I knew was a Beachbody coach and I asked her about a fitness program I heard called the 21 Day Fix. So I looked into the program and the next day I signed up as a customer. I purchased the 21 day fix challenge pack with Shakeology.

I have always been nervous about doing any of these programs because I am a very picky eater. Also I have a bad hip and knee so I am limited on what I physically can do.

While waiting for my kit to come in the mail, I did a prep week. I researched online and started to modify what I was eating and coming up with a plan. Also, I joined the facebook group that my coach put together. I officially started on Monday June 29.

My first week defiantly was not easy. It was a lot of learning and struggles. But I stuck to the plan. So after my first week I had already lost 4 pounds.  I was also very anxious about the Shakeology but I began to look forward to my daily breakfast shake. (I also love that I do not have to think about breakfast every day its already planned)

Because I was seeing results and was happy with how things were going I decided to sign up as a Beachbody coach. Mainly to get a monthly discount off of my Shakeology! But then I saw the potential about earning some extra money and I wanted to share this with friends and family.

So now I am about 2 months in and I have lost 14lbs and several inches. Also my skin has improved and I just overall feel better than I have in a long time. I am also noticing tone in my arms and legs.

My husband who has not been as dedicated, but has changed his eating habits and he works out with me about 3-4 days a week and he has lost 24lbs.

We both still have more to go. But we are working hard to get to those goals.

One of my biggest fears-being a picky eater-has changed so much. I have tried foods that I used to avoid and I now enjoy. I am cooking more and eating out less. We still go out to eat on the weekends but I do not do fast food anymore. I was buying fast food daily (if not twice daily). Fast food is really expensive.
I bought the cookbook Fixate-by the creator of the 21 day fix Autumn Calabrese. This cookbook has 101 recipes that fit onto the 21 day fix. I love this cookbook!
Here are some of the recopies I have made!

I am so happy that I chose to change my life and join Beachbody!

I currently have a special going on that if you join my team with the purchase of a challenge pack I will give you a copy of this amazing cookbook! If you sign up as a coach under me I will through in a few small bonuses.

Please contact me for more info and we can figure out which plan is best for you! There are several to choose from!


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